Caring For Fluff Wares

Congratulations on your ownership of Fluff Hardware!

Our accessories are meant to be a treasured staple in your jewelry arsenal and thus, ought to be cared for regularly. Over the years we have created hundreds of designs, some more durable and adventure proof than others, so we thought we’d give you some simple advice on how to ensure your beautiful pieces last a life time.

Below you will find some general care instructions for the various types of jewelry you may have purchased.

Our best advice? Don’t shove your jewelry in your purse.

  • Store in a friction free, dry location
  • Do not bathe or swim in your jewelry (particularly pieces made of fiber, wood, or leather)
  • Try to avoid dropping it (stones & wood in particular)
  • Polish the various metals from time to time (but NOT verdigris! Verdigris is meant to be entirely left alone)

In most cases we have chosen not to apply anti-patina sealant to our pieces in order to allow for the natural and lovely process of aging to occur. Our accessories get better over time! Depending on your preference, a slight patina can compliment our compositions resulting in an even more stunning vintage appearance. We also know that the original luster of our pieces can be just as captivating. The choice is up to you!

We hope that you will love and cherish your new adornment. We are so privileged to get to contribute to your feelings of beauty and individuality.

To share a photo of you and your new piece/s, visit our Facebook or Instagram pages.

We love when you share the love!

P.S. If you’ve broken, lost, or simply worn out a piece/s of your beloved jewelry, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get it repaired/replaced. We take it as a compliment! See our repairs page HERE.


How do I know what Fluff jewelry is made of?

Our designs have a variety of materials within their compositions. They include everything from metal to silk and just about everything in between.

Here are some images to help you distinguish the difference between the various metal types we use:

Metal Types